To The West

Here it is as promised. The first film in a long time that I’ve put together! This was filmed over the course of 14 months on my last trip. Its from everywhere from Africa to New Zealand and Fiji. Its taken a little while to put together so I hope you enjoy. There will be more of this kind of thing in the future!

Music is by The Lummineers and Ben Howard

A few thank you’s for those involved and helped!;

Kiwi Experience
Feejee Experience
Down Under Dives
Mantaray Island Resort
Palace Adventures
Franz Josef Heli-Hikes
And of course my central protagonist Soph, for always allowing me to stick a camera in her face and thus providing endless entertainment!



Absolutely amazing short film by Allan Wilson entitled Dark Side of the Lens. Beautifully filmed and a inspirational narrative, Wilson sums up everything I love about moving image, photography, surfing, music. Just amazing.

‘If I only ever scrap a living, at least its a living worth scrapping. If there’s not a future in it, at least its a present worth remembering. The fires of happiness, the waves of gratitude, for everything that brought us to that point on earth at that moment in time, to do something worth remembering with a photograph or a scar’