Blue Skies Design was originally started by Iain Beable during his time at University. Since then it has gone through different name and appearance changes and has continued to grow and grow until what we know it to be today.

From a young age Iain has had a love for photography and moving image and a fascination with the romance of travel and adventure. Combing these passions, Iain has travelled the world and captured hundreds of stunning photographs. From big cities like New York to tiny villages in hidden parts of Africa, Iain loves to capture the feeling and emotion in the places he visits.

A love of surfing has sparked a huge interest in surf photography. Being at a University by the coast, Iain honed is skills in surf photography and since has taken many trips around the world to capture surfers and the life of surfers in their natural environment. Iain is constantly seeking new ways to express and interpret what he sees through the use of his lens. Taking different angles and views on large to the smallest aspects of life. Capturing moments that we may all take for granted.

Success from his photography has seen Iain’s images printed in magazines and newspapers in south England and has also had blogs published on international travel websites.

I see photography as a way of expressing how I see the world. I enjoy capturing objects, people and moments in a way that others may disregard. It’s these special, commonly unnoticed parts of life which makes living so special. Whether it be the way the light reflects off the crest of a wave or the faint secret smile on someones face. I hope my images and everything on the site inspire you to go out and capture something amazing. Immerse yourself in the wonders of our world.”  – Iain Beable




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