Live Fast, Die Old

Believe it or not, I’ve heard people say a lot why do you want to travel, why go to these random places? Would you not rather settle down with a steady pay check and the rest of it? These are all great things and at some point thats probably what I am going to want. At the same time however, why limit yourself to just that. There is so much more. I know for fact, as children we all dreamt of seeing the world. Going to places which ignite our imagination, creativity and belief that there is so much more. In just under 14 months I travelled thousands of miles, through dozens of different cultures. I’ve done things which I never thought I would do, through nothing more than pure perseverance and the belief that I know that anything is possible. Its possible for anyone to still go out and achieve something they have always wanted. I have always wanted to go to Africa, see the big 5, climb Kilimanjaro. I’ve done it because its possible. Moreover than urge, I challenge you. I dare you to pursue and live out just one of the dreams you had as a child. It doesn’t have to be something massive or even travel. You won’t regret it. Do something that scares you, challenges you. I firmly believe we are capable of anything. I may never be a wealthy man, but I can tell stories that many will only dream. I know you want to say the same. 

Theres a painting on the wall in a bar New South Wales. At the bottom of it, in white ink it reads “When you leave here, you are going no where”. The painting is of surfers, hippies, travellers and explorers. Take what you will from those words, I believe them to mean, the places and people you meet on your travels, will stay with you forever. 

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you. For the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who do not believe in magic, will never find it.” R. Dahl


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