Another Traveling Song


So the time is almost here and I’m getting more excited by the day. Only 10 days now until I depart for Nairobi and begin another trip around the world. Been planning this one for quite some time and I’m going to places I have always wanted to go. First stopping in Nairobi I will then travel down to a small town in Tanzania called Arusha. Arusha will be where we’ll stay for a few days before I climb Mt Kilimanjaro, the words highest single standing mountain. I can’t wait for Kili its going to be an incredible challenge, although its going to test me and push me to my absolute limits, the feeling of standing on the roof of Africa will be something I’ll always remember….if I make it! 

After the climb we travel overland all the way down to Johannesburg, passing through 6 countries as we do so. I can’t wait to see all the amazing, sites animals and looking forward to meeting some of the locals. Once in Johannesburg we travel all the way around SA to Cape town before flying to Jakarta, Indonesia for the second part of the trip. Two months traveling Indo will take us all over Java, Bali, Lombok and a few other islands. Cannot wait to get in the water in Indo and surf some of the spots I have always dreamt about. After Indo we fly to New Zealand for a couple months before finally arriving in Australia where I am planning to spend a year.

I cannot wait to get going on the trip, its been a long time coming with a lot of planning. I almost have all my gear sorted, even picked up the 170 Malaria pills today! Apparently they’re going to give me crazy nightmares so I’ll be sure to report back! I am doing the Kili climb for charity so if you can, please please donate anything you can!


To The East

I keep having dreams, of airport scenes, bus rides and Mr Dylan. Of watching sunrises from mountains and driftwood fires on beaches. And our eyes lighting up at the writing of stories. Seeing new places and a thousand faces, far from the cities that I’ve roamed along. Its not by seeing the world that changes us its how what we see can inspire us. I hope to see the world through the glimmers in our eyes, yet still forever my heart will remain upon that English hill. I believe something amazing could happen.