Rest In Paradise Andy

The world of surfing is mourning today following the sudden and tragic death of 3 time ASP World Champion Andy Irons. Following an early withdrawal from the Rip Curl Pro in Puerto Rico last weekend due to illness, Andy passed away in a hotel in Dallas after reportedly been suffering from the viral disease, Dengue fever.

I saw the news late last night and couldn’t believe what I was reading. Andy was such an inspirational surfer and an incredibly exciting to watch. Probably the only surfer to really challenge 9 time world champion, Kelly Slater, A.I. created an exhilaratingevent every time he surfed, especially when he was up against Kelly. For years now I have been watching A.I. excel himself on the world tour, especially when he won his first world title in 2002. Jack McCoy’s film, Blue Horizon gave us a fantastic view into the things that made Andy one of the best surfers of our time. You won’t be forgotten.

I have a lot of inner demons, if I didn’t have surfing to get those out of my system, I would self destruct. Surfing’s the reason that keeps me going in a normal state, keeps my life at an even keel. Without it, it would just tip into oblivion. Andy Irons

My thoughts and prayers are with the Irons family. God Bless and Stay Strong. ALOHA, BRO! RIP Andy Irons.


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