Calm Before The Fall

I’ve added a new page from my recent adventures in the woods. Took loads of colourfull photos of the fall. Hope you enjoy! 




Absolutely amazing short film by Allan Wilson entitled Dark Side of the Lens. Beautifully filmed and a inspirational narrative, Wilson sums up everything I love about moving image, photography, surfing, music. Just amazing.

‘If I only ever scrap a living, at least its a living worth scrapping. If there’s not a future in it, at least its a present worth remembering. The fires of happiness, the waves of gratitude, for everything that brought us to that point on earth at that moment in time, to do something worth remembering with a photograph or a scar’

Blues On Southbank

Took some really nice shots down on Southbank weekend. London is so amazing in the bright sunshine. Not a cloud in the sky for the whole day created a great canvas, enhancing the autumnal colours. Really pleased with the way some of the shots came out of the skateboarders down by the river. Using a low angle shot i could capture some awesome silhouette shots of them as the flew by in the air. A friend of mine from Design-Think also got some great red scale shots that day, check them out!